Problem solving

An intranet is for life, not just for launch day

Join us for a live problem solving exercise – bring your problems and we’ll pick one (or two) to solve during the session.

Intranet managers can struggle to justify their budgets beyond launch day. We’ll look at how to put problems and their resolution central to your ROI thinking. How to combine multiple problems to make the case for a rebuild project, or strategies to get a rolling budget for evolving changes that can be easier to manage and give you the benefit of keeping your functionality fresh.

Room 1

4:05 pm

Sarah Blackburn, Client Success Manager, EasySharePoint

Sarah will start off by examining the problem and the ways that you could measure the success of solving it. As a group we’ll look at the business benefit that solving would bring.

We’ll walk you through the steps to success including the technology aspects; the people or business change process and crucially the communications to make this happen.

Finally, take a crash course in success measurements – how to make your results feed into the next part of your cycle.

Remember, workshops run during the World Café and you will be reminded to attend the workshop of your choice.

You get to choose your workshop at registration – from 8:15am to 9am.

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