After Intranet Now – the reviews, the photos, the next steps

We trust those who attended had a smashing time at Intranet Now and found the speakers, discussions, and networking valuable. If you missed our inaugural event, we hope you’ll join us in 2015 – assuming we can repeat our efforts.

You can now view and download all the presentations and the best 75 photos from the 500+ on Flickr.

Were you surprised to hear about our Intranet Now award? We know the winner was!


The room, and the discussion boards


Feedback from participants showed that most people would like Intranet Now 2015 to be held in September (rather than June) and most people think we could have sold ten more tickets and filled the room a bit more. So expect an even bigger event next year!

Most people felt the group discussions were of adequate length (we know we can organise things better).

Some people wanted more time to ask speakers questions, but most people did not want us to reduce the number of speakers! We love that people loved our packed agenda!

Read the reviews by: Martin White; Mark Morrell; Luke Oatham, the morning synopsis and the afternoon synopsis by Martin White, a full day review by Gloria Lombardi, a the CIPR Inside review by Melisaan Agar-Hutton, unconference discussion about public intranets by Steven Murgatroyd, and a pre-review mention from Chris Armstrong of the UKeiG.


Brian and Wedge are fledgling conference organisers, but experienced intranet professionals.

Brian Lamb is an independant consultant working on working on intranets. He’s expert in needs analysis, information architecture, metrics and quality improvement.

Wedge Black is an independent intranet and internal communications specialist. He focuses on intranet architecture, navigation, and governance, and also cares about content and good communication. You can hire him; you can procure his services. He’s available, is the overall point of this paragraph.


Thank you very much for your support through the process of creating this inaugural event. We could not have done this without community interest and the direct support of the speakers and sponsors.

Wedge and Brian

Wedge and Brian


P.S. Take a look at the hashtag (1800+ tweets) and several blog articles and reviews.

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