Workshops and table talks

3:00pm — Is your Intranet succeeding? Measurement in a connected workplace.

Invotra workshop (Walbrook room)

In this workshop you will learn how to use the same methodology used with some of the largest UK organisations, to identify your goals, reports, metrics and capture points.

3:00pm — We asked 100 customers how to engage your employees; come see what they had to say

Oak workshop (Fleet room)

Discover invaluable nuggets of thoughts, advice and opinions from some of the biggest brands in the world on what made their intranets successful and engaging, as well as what to watch out for.

And, as it’s nearly the end of the day and you may be in danger of falling into an intra-coma, find out in a fun and (ironically) engaging Family Fortunes style quiz. As well as taking away a memory stick full of content and guides to help you in your intranet journey, you have the chance to win prizes as well!

3:50pm — What’s in a persona? How do you achieve great adoption of your new or changing technology?

WM Reply workshop (Walbrook room)

Successful change management is achieved when we understand those who will be using the technology and we tailor our process to them. In our workshop we will take a look at the key principles behind successful change management and investigate how best we can place our users at the heart of our change.

Come prepared to stand up and join in! Throughout the workshop we will jointly craft a great persona template for you to take away and practically apply.

3:50pm — Delivering a great employee experience with a fully mobilised workforce: Why your intranet is more important than ever

SORCE workshop (Fleet room)

In this interactive workshop we will be thinking about the challenges of work mobilisation and the impact this has on our businesses today and in the future. We will work through a real life scenario and understand how our intranets are key to ensuring our workforce is engaged and connected. You will leave this session with practical steps you can take now to deliver a great employee experience for your workforce.

3:00pm — Table talks in the main hall

3:25pm — Table talks in the main hall

3:50pm — Table talks in the main hall

4:10pm — Table talks in the main hall

Table talk topics:

  1. To moderate or not to moderate, that is the question.
  2. Recognising and defeating the true intranet-engagement-killing villains at your organisation to become kick-ass Engagement Ninjas.
  3. How to not exclude your frontline workers (and ultimately customers) in your digital workplace.
  4. Overcoming barriers to mobile: reaching front line employees.
  5. Connecting every employee: engage with all your workers via your intranet.
  6. Driving take-up of your digital workplace through effective people change.
  7. Professional development for intranet and digital workplace teams – building the skills we need.