Join our LinkedIn Group for intranet conversation and no spam

Join our LinkedIn Group for intranet conversation and no spam

We started the Intranet Now conference back in 2014 on Twitter and Google Plus – those early conversations shaped our annual conference.

But while I’m personally delighted with the UI of Google+, as a network, it hasn’t taken off in our intranet / comms world, has it?

I’m no fan of LinkedIn – it’s been clunky and full of links to blogs for so long. But they really got their act together in 2015 – I don’t mean the plethora of random apps they spewed out, I mean they really focused on the UI and even the UX of the website. So much so that I started dipping back into LinkedIn Groups and such.

LinkedIn is so much nicer these days!

So, Intranet Now has launched a Group, and you’re invited. We’re small and so perfectly formed for real conversation. I say this because so many Groups are dominated by a daft question, and then a link to a blog article with the supposed solution.

Help create a conversation pit for intranet and digital comms topics. Join our Intranet Now LinkedIn Group.


Intranet Now LinkedIn Group


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I founded the Intranet Now conference in 2014, with just a few tweets. I'm an intranet consultant, I care deeply about communications, and I tweet a lot.

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