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Hello there,

you might remember us from such conferences as Intranet Now last September, and Intranet Now this September…

Last year’s conference brought together so many experts (and not just on stage) – we were fortunate to have two-dozen well-known intranet and comms people present, and many more practitioners lead conversations during the unconference sessions.

We think there is an appetite for some intranet workshops and we’d be foolish not to meet that demand.

So we would like to ask you about the format for such workshops. Would you expect one topic, or a couple?

Would you want a full day, or half a day? Here are our two current ideas for spring 2015:


Option 1) Deep-dive full-day workshop

(London? Birmingham? Manchester?)

10am – 4pm (or 4:30pm?) – lunch break food included.

One trainer, focusing on one broad topic to develop participants’ (practical) competency.


Option 2) Half-day workshop

(London? Birmingham? Manchester?)

10am – 2pm – lunch break food included or 9am – 12pm or 1pm – 4pm whatever

Two speakers, focusing on two related but different topics to inspire and guide participants’ approach.


Is there a better, third, option?

Whatever format is most suitable, we can promise top-notch trainers / seminar leaders and an informal but focused learning environment, with excellent online support afterwards.

Please let us know your thoughts – everything we did with Intranet Now last year was in response to the community, and we’d like to continue to serve through the year.


Brian and Wedge

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4 thoughts on “Intranet Now workshops

  1. Can I offer some other options for discussion, rejection or adoption.
    . Probably worth differentiating between teaching (novel stuff like search!) and sharing of experience
    . Three hours is perhaps not long enough to get deep into a topic but too long to sustain an exchange of experience or an update of developments in an area (ESN for example). My guess would be that some 2 hour sessions, or even 90 minutes, would enable you to offer a range of workshops at which networks could be built./refreshed.
    . It may be easier for someone to make a business case for attending on the basis of being able to participate in three different workshops.
    . You have both run workshops – have you found that it is difficult to get the momentum back after a lunch break with an all day course? Or is it just me? which is why I am sceptical about all day workshops unless they are very clearly scoped and given by someone with a lot of experience in leading workshops
    . The number of participants needs managing. to make sure that everyone feels they have had a chance to participate.. Nominally allocate say 10 minutes per participant so that in an hour six people would get great value, but 12 would need two hours, It’s a very rough metric but on reflection last year the IntranetNow workshops were so popular that many people could do no more than just sit there and listen

    Hope these comments help the decision process


    1. Martin

      Thanks for joining in. What represents best value for if you are going to come to a workshop? Is the big question. As you say, doing 3 topics looks like more but can you learn enough in 2 hours to justify the cost? (with 3 facilitators costs would be higher) A whole day is very demanding for leader and participants. A lot depends on the leader, we are thinking of experienced workshop leaders for our first one so this should help if we go for a full day. Your metric on numbers very useful and I I think we should build this into our planning.

      Your comments helpful as always


  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed Intranet Now, it was great.
    I would be interested in either full or half day, in London (possibly Birmingham), but I think I would prefer more than one topic. If you have one topic, you might lose some people if it isn’t topical for them, or if that specific aspect is already decided for them. On the otherhand, if you had a number of speakers talking about different experiences of a single topic, that could work well. Maybe we need a discussion about topics?
    I find real life case studies most useful.

    1. Beckie

      Thanks for your thoughts. We are certainly thinking of holding at least one workshop out of London and Birmingham has been mentioned by a couple of folk as a possible location. As for topics, if you have time please do take our poll asking people to choose which topic they want.

      We are trying to balance depth of learning (argues for one topic per workshop) vs topicality and level of current interest (argues for more than 1 topic) A lot depends on what people want out of the workshop. An overview or a deep dive? We’ll continue to listen to what people say on this.

      Thanks for joining in

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